What to know about the new guidelines for dental work

Sanford, Conn.

— Dental work can take up to two weeks, but you don’t have to work until you’ve had enough time to have the rest of your work done.

In a new study published online in Occupational Medicine and Occupational Therapy, researchers at the University of California San Diego and Duke University compared how long dental work takes with the amount of time it takes to get the rest done.

Using data from the National Health Interview Survey, the researchers calculated the average dental work time of the study participants.

They found that dental work took up to 11.5 hours for women and 11.3 hours for men.

The average time to finish a typical period of dental work was six days.

The study also found that women had shorter workdays than men.

In general, women worked longer days than men in the study.

The researchers also found the amount and frequency of dental visits differed by gender.

The researchers found that men had more frequent visits than women and had shorter dental workdays.

Women were more likely to be admitted to the hospital for dental care because of problems such as infections, gum disease and tooth loss.

However, women were also more likely than men to be hospitalized for non-cancer reasons.

The work schedule for men was similar to women, although men were more often admitted to hospital due to dental problems such, gum problems, infections, and tooth losses.

Women had more time to do other work after the period of work had finished, such as watching television, socializing or shopping.

In addition, women also spent more time in the community after the work period was over.

The length of dental practice was also influenced by whether the patient had been seen by a dentist in the previous six months.

While the study didn’t show a relationship between the length of time spent in the hospital or the number of visits, the results were similar for men and women.

The authors of the paper say that the work schedule may be influenced by a number of factors.

For example, men were less likely to have a doctor with a history of serious illnesses or a history in which the patient was in need of intensive care.

Women were more open to taking their health seriously, which could lead to more work.

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