The new rules for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Occupational Health and Safety Standards

The Occupational Labor Relations Board (OLRB) will soon publish an updated Occupational Occupational and Health Standards for new workplaces.

The OILRS will replace OSHA’s standard for safety standards, which has been in place since 1988.

It’s expected to be published early next year.

The new standard is designed to help employers implement safety measures to reduce workplace injuries and illnesses.

The rules also establish a process for OSHA to request information from employers to determine if any safety regulations have been violated.

Employers will be required to notify OSHA if they receive information that a safety issue exists. 

The rules also require OSHA and Occupational Therapeutic Advisory Council (OTAC) to jointly submit a report to the OILRB on the progress made in enforcing the OSHA standard.

This report will be used to evaluate the OSHRO standard, and if needed, it could be incorporated into future OSHA standards.

OSHA has also begun issuing guidance for employers on how to comply with the OSHSA standard.

The guidance will be issued on October 2, 2020. 

Read more about OSHA rules and safety standards. 

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