How to make sure your employer doesn’t use your personal information to recruit workers for their jobs

An occupational health and safety expert says it’s a good idea to be aware of occupational health rules.

“I think you should be aware that employers may be looking for information on you to decide who should be hired, how they should be treated and what type of work they should do,” said Dr. David Nadelman, an occupational health specialist with the American College of Occupational Medicine.

“You may want to know what your personal health information is, what you do in your workplace, and what other information employers may have on you,” he added.

Occupational health rules: You’re required to wear a safety belt and wear a mask while driving or operating machinery.

You’re not allowed to touch a person who is unconscious, injured or under medical care.

Employers can request that you wear a seat belt, and you can’t have someone else operate a machine on you.

You can wear a face mask while in the workplace if you’re working with a family member, friend or relative.

You may be required to take a test to prove your health.

You should wear a protective mask at all times, including at home.

You’ll be required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to wear the protective mask if you work in an assembly line, office or factory.

Your employer must notify you of any potential violations.

If you get sick while working at an assembly plant, you can be asked to take two separate tests to show you’re free of the virus.

If the virus gets inside the mask, the worker will have to wear it and clean it with disinfectant.

You must keep your mask in a locked cabinet and keep it on at all time.

You don’t have to pay to keep your masks in the glove box.

You cannot wear a respirator in a closed workplace.

Workers in the U.S. are required to have the same set of safety gear as workers in other countries, including protective headgear and a face shield.

OSHA has guidelines that you can follow if you want to use your own personal information for employment.

OSHAs rules on health records can be found at: and

The OSHA guidelines also state that you must provide a copy of any medical certificate to any health care provider.

It’s important to understand that these rules apply to employers who have a physical or occupational health program, which include any health professional that performs health care for a person or persons in the United States or abroad.

However, you may have to complete additional steps before you can receive your workplace health care certificate.

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