How to calculate the maximum occupancy you can legally drive in a city

You can’t just drive on a road without being stopped by a police officer, and if you’re stuck on a street without a carpark you can’t go home.

And while the law gives you the right to drive on roads, it doesn’t necessarily give you the freedom to do so.

For the last three years the government has been trying to come up with a “best practice” that will help the public understand how the rules apply and what they mean for them.

That is why the government’s new guidelines are so important.

For the past three years, the government and the police have been working to develop best practice guidelines on how to apply the law when driving on roads.

As part of that process, Transport Minister David Parker has asked the NSW Police Service to develop a set of guidelines for motorists who are unable to drive without a police escort, or who cannot meet an objective that is being met.

These guidelines will be published on the Department of Transport’s website in the coming weeks.

They will be the first set of guidance issued under the new legislation, and they will be a major step forward for the public understanding of the laws.

There is a big gap between what the laws say and what the law actually is.

The government says it wants to “create a better understanding of how and when the law applies”, and the guidelines will help ensure that people can understand what’s expected of them.

The guidelines will also help ensure people understand how they can report an offence to the police.

Police will be able to ask people about their driving history and will be allowed to use the information to identify people who may be breaching the law.

These guidelines will set out the requirements for driving on a highway in NSW, and police will be required to use these requirements when conducting investigations.

For example, a person who has a driving record of more than four years would not be able under the guidelines to drive in Sydney if they were driving in an area that is a high occupancy vehicle (HOV) zone.

But the guidelines also say police will have to consider the needs of “the particular area”, for example if they are enforcing the new HOV zone restrictions.

“This is a good step forward, and will help improve the public’s understanding of our laws,” said NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione.

What does the new laws cover?

Police will now be able: to ask drivers about their past driving records, and

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