How to save money on a home by changing occupancy sign

It’s the new rule for all home owners.

The rule says every home must have a sign at least two feet wide, a minimum of two feet high, and at least one foot wide to show how much occupancy is allowed.

This is a big change for many homeowners who have had to put up with signs that didn’t accurately represent the amount of people inside the house.

There’s a lot to do to comply with this rule.

You have to be able to read and write in the same language, and you have to put a sign that says it.

And you have the option of using a different sign for each room in the house, but you can’t put up a sign for every room.

But you’re not supposed to.

If you have a problem, the state says you’re breaking the law.

How to tell if your home is overgrownThe state says this is a rule that’s been in place since January 1, 2014, but it’s not clear why.

Some people have complained that it’s confusing, but the state said that’s the intent of the rule.

It’s a requirement that applies to all new homes built after that date, and it’s also part of the new code.

The state also said that people with a history of mental illness should be considered in this circumstance.

If you think your home looks overgrown, contact the State Health Department at 1-800-933-2383.

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