Which of these are the most common occupations in the UK?

Occupational asthma is an extremely serious condition that can lead to breathing difficulties, fatigue, difficulty walking, and difficulty swallowing.

It can also lead to other health problems, including heart disease, stroke and lung cancer.

The type of occupation that someone is in is very important because it affects how they breathe and what they experience.

Occupational health professionals will be able to help you and your loved ones choose the right job for you and what you are most likely to experience.

The main occupational asthma prevention and management strategies that we recommend are as follows: • Ensure you and all your loved one have access to adequate and appropriate occupational health coverage in the workplace.

This means a workplace health and safety plan.

• Make sure your loved person is able to take part in regular physical and occupational health assessments and follow up with your employer to check if the workplace has the appropriate protections for occupational asthma.

• Provide appropriate ventilation.

• Follow up regularly to ensure your loved and employer’s respiratory health is being properly monitored.

• Educate your loved family and friends about occupational asthma to make sure they are aware of their own breathing and to share information about symptoms.

• Talk to a friend, relative, colleague or employer who knows about occupational health and make sure the person who is taking part has the right health care support.

• Don’t let your loved-one’s asthma affect their quality of life.

• Take action and protect yourself by: • Getting trained and receiving appropriate occupational asthma insurance coverage from your employer.

• Using a personal protection plan and ensuring you have all the necessary supports.

• Having a personal protective device and having it installed at work.

• Not using an inhaler or inhaler mask during work or commuting.

• Taking a daily active avoidance strategy to ensure that your loved is able not to experience any respiratory symptoms, or to ensure the workplace is safe.

• Keeping a regular physical to check that your breathing and health is as good as possible.

• Getting the right advice from a trained occupational asthma specialist.

• Avoiding activities that can make your loved or employer cough or sneeze.

• Ensuring that you are given adequate and consistent professional support.

When choosing a job for your loved, look at the following points: • Which type of job is appropriate for your family and job responsibilities?

• Which occupations do you need to look at in order to be healthy?

• Are there occupational health benefits and costs?

• Can you find suitable work that does not require you to take medication?

• Does your family need assistance with financial matters?

• Do you want to work in a job where you are not a family member, a relative, or a person who lives with you?

• What kind of health and environmental protection are needed?

• How long will your loved stay in a work setting?

• Is your loved someone eligible for an occupational health pension?

• Should your loved be exempt from taking part in workplace asthma prevention programs?

• Have you found a job that is safe for your job, or are there health and occupational safety issues?

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