How to Get Better Health Care Support From the Medical Profession

The medical profession needs to do more to help employees with burnout and improve employee health, according to a new report.

The report, released Wednesday by the Institute of Medicine (IOM), recommends that the medical profession “adopt a ‘healthy workplace’ philosophy” to improve workplace wellness and employee health.

The Institute of Management Science’s Institute of Medical Education and Research has conducted a study that found that medical schools are doing more than anyone else to increase employee engagement, and the number of medical students who are taking graduate and professional medical training is increasing.

The study found that the number and size of medical school students participating in clinical training programs and internships is increasing, and more than two-thirds of medical schools say that they have recently received requests for medical education training, according the report. 

Medical schools need to do a better job in helping to build healthy workplaces, the report recommends.

The IOM report also found that more than half of medical employers surveyed in the U.S. said they have had problems in recruiting and retaining good medical students.

The National Council on Patient Satisfaction has recommended that medical employers create a medical wellness program to improve the overall wellness of their employees. 

This includes providing wellness support to all medical students and medical staff. 

According to the report, the IOM found that a large majority of medical institutions “do not provide a medical benefits plan or health plan for health care workers, and in many instances do not offer an employee health insurance option.” 

For example, in 2013, only about 6% of medical facilities offered health insurance to their employees, according the report.

The report recommends that medical organizations set a goal of recruiting and hiring more medical students in order to increase enrollment and retention.

The report also recommended that they create a wellness support program to address burnout issues.