Why the US military occupation of Afghanistan is not working out as planned

US military commanders have admitted that the Afghan government’s inability to take control of the country’s capital has left them struggling to keep it under control, even as the country continues to experience a devastating humanitarian crisis.

US forces began to occupy Afghanistan in 2001 to support the US-led war in the country, which has killed more than 10,000 people and displaced millions.

The conflict began with a CIA-backed coup in 2001, and continued after a Taliban takeover in 2008.

The war, which killed more 3,000 US soldiers and thousands of civilians, has left the country in a state of perpetual civil war.

It has been estimated that US forces lost $10bn on their occupation of the Afghanistan nation.

Despite the ongoing civilian casualties and a large civilian infrastructure, the US continues to maintain an army of more than 100,000.

This, despite the fact that the country has been a strategic US ally since the mid-20th century, and the US has long insisted that it was the “sole legitimate authority” in Afghanistan.

The US government has repeatedly stated that it will end its occupation in the coming year, although the timeline is not clear.

But the Afghan administration has been unable to do so, with its parliament refusing to approve any further US-imposed military operations, and even President Ashraf Ghani’s own cabinet has been hesitant to commit to a new phase of the US occupation.

This has caused many to question whether or not the US is even keeping its end of the bargain, with a report from Human Rights Watch last year stating that the US and its allies are not “doing enough to end the occupation”.

“The US has not given Afghans the authority they deserve,” Sarah Leah Whitson, director of the Arms and Security Programme at Human Rights Campaign, said at the time.

“Afghanistan is now facing a civil war, and a prolonged occupation that is destroying a country, destroying a population, destroying infrastructure, and destroying the economy.

We need a US-Afghan peace agreement to end this war and rebuild the Afghan economy.

That’s why we are calling on the US to end its continued occupation of Afghan soil, which will leave millions of people in Afghanistan without the security they deserve.”

US military operations are a key part of the coalition’s strategy to end US military presence in Afghanistan, as well as its campaign against the Taliban.

Since the beginning of the conflict, the war has cost the US over $2bn in lost revenue and $20bn in damages.

It is also causing many Afghans to question the viability of the war, with many saying that it has not been a success, and many others calling for the US government to end it.

US President Donald Trump is currently scheduled to meet Afghan President Ashfaq Parvez Kayani in Washington on November 6th.

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