How to get rid of ‘lutron’ code and ‘German’ occupation codes at home

Axios / Getty Images file photoA code in German military occupation codes can be used as a code word to identify a residence, said Janine Duscher, senior vice president at the Lutron Group, a German company that manufactures the devices.

“They have a lot of different codes, some are used for different functions, some for specific locations,” she said.

“You have to be careful about what you put in them, as you can see there are some codes that are used to indicate the fact that it’s a residence.”

Lutron, which is owned by the German arm of Siemens AG, said the codes are used as identifiers for security purposes.

“Lutrons are used by the military to identify the location of a military installation and are also used to identify military installations within the state of Baden-Württemberg,” the company said in a statement.

“The Lutrons have been used by both Germany and Austria to designate their military installations as places of interest and to mark their territory as protected areas.”

The German military, which has been fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq since 2001, has been using Lutors to mark its territory as safe zones since 2007.

A Lutran is a code-word that refers to a particular location or property, which the military has used for military purposes, and can be easily identified by looking at the code’s characters.

“There are Lutones in every German state, and the LUTRON is one of them,” Duschner said.

Duscher said Lutons can also be used to signal to a visitor to a residence.

“For example, if you want to let the visitors in to your home, it would be very difficult to show them the LUTE,” she explained.

“It’s really important that you have the Lute with you.”LUTrons are currently in use by both the Bundeswehr and the Bundesarchiv in Berlin and Munich, Germany, as well as in some US states.

Dauscher said the Luts can also serve as a security warning, but added that many of them have become quite popular in Germany, especially for residents who want to be able to easily identify their residences.

“Many Germans are happy to use them as a password, so if you are not using them, it’s really hard to identify,” she added.

The German Federal Office of the Interior Security Agency, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution and the Federal Security Service have all expressed their interest in purchasing Lutronic.

“We’re actively working with the Lutergesellschaft, which operates Lutronics, to develop a complete set of LUTRANs for use in the German military,” the office said in its statement.

Lutronics is a German-made device that can be bought online or at stores.

The Luter Gesellschaftssabteilungsfähigkeit, or LGS, a state agency that regulates the security of the state’s electrical infrastructure, also has expressed interest in the product.

“As a state body, we would like to invest more in the Lutenronics industry,” the agency said in an email.

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