Why you should consider taking an occupational health job

The job of an occupational therapist is to help people with various physical and mental disabilities get the care they need, whether that’s for their own health, their loved ones or to make sure they get the necessary physical therapy when they need it.

The profession has become quite popular with the people in its employ, especially people in the healthcare industry.

According to a recent survey by the Occupational Health Care Association (OHCA), there were over 4,000 occupational therapists across the country and their total annual revenue reached $11 billion last year.

There are also a number of other occupational health occupations, such as physician assistants and nurses.

What is an occupational nurse?

An occupational nurse is a nurse who works as an occupational physician, nurse, or physical therapist.

In a profession like occupational therapy, occupational nurse work is typically a relatively safe, high-paying, and rewarding career.

There is a great deal of demand for occupational nurse positions.

According, the National Center for Occupational Safety and Health, the demand for nurse jobs in 2016 was nearly three times greater than the number of positions that were filled.

It is also estimated that there are between 6 and 20,000 occupations in the United States with more than 25,000 workers.

Occupational nurse positions are typically a part-time, non-tenure-track position and require some basic training and experience.

The most common requirements for the profession include the following: Being a registered nurse in a health care facility.

Currently, the Occupation Nurse Certification Examination is being phased out in the US.

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