“Employers are struggling to stay afloat” as the number of Americans working in the field drops

Precision production occupations have dropped by more than a third since 2015, according to a survey of 1,000 workers.

The occupation sector has seen a 26% decline since the end of 2014, according a survey by Accenture, which also found that nearly a quarter of the respondents were out of work because of health concerns.

A survey of more than 3,000 employees of manufacturing firms by Deloitte also found a decline in manufacturing employment.

The industry has also been hurt by a wave of layoffs that has been followed by rising health costs and slower growth in demand for the labor.

The slowdown in job growth is especially acute for low-wage workers, who have seen a drop in their wages in the last three years, the industry group said in a report released Monday.

The National Employment Law Project, which advocates for more pay for low and middle-income workers, also said that as many as two-thirds of workers working in manufacturing are still on the jobless rolls, according the report. 

“It’s a long-term problem that the labor force is becoming smaller, but it’s still very concerning,” said Paul Sonnenfeld, an associate director at the labor group. 

Workers with disabilities have seen the largest declines, according Accenture. 

The decline is most pronounced among the manufacturing occupations, which have seen declines of more like 30%. 

The jobs market is not only shrinking in some industries, it’s also shrinking for some workers.

For example, only 27% of workers in the health care industry were employed in 2016, according TOEFL-certified certification programs, down from 43% in 2014.

And the occupations that have seen big declines include computer-aided design, welding, machining, and plumbing, according ToEFL. 

Accenture said that while the number and percentage of employees with health issues has decreased, it was still the case that workers who have had a health issue had been out of the workforce for a longer time than they had been previously. 

For workers with disabilities, the drop in employment has been particularly pronounced. 

A significant number of people with disabilities were out-of-work due to their health issues, according an analysis by the National Disability Insurance Program (NDIP), which covers about 22 million workers, including 8.6 million disabled workers. 

That’s a large portion of the labor market. 

But the overall number of workers with health problems is still much higher than it was in 2014, when there were fewer than 4 million such workers.

 “This is a problem that affects everyone, not just people with health conditions,” Sonnenfeld said.

“The number of disabled workers has increased dramatically in the past decade.”

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