Why is there such a need for occupational therapy?

A year ago, the American Society of Occupational Therapists published a position statement on occupational therapy, saying it is important to “ensure the quality of care for those who need it.”

It urged lawmakers to support the use of occupational therapy in all situations and to ensure that people who are working or looking for work get the treatment they need. 

But, at least for now, the APTA is not looking to expand the number of occupational therapists.

The group’s statement notes that “over time, the number and size of occupational therapist staffing in the United States has grown and the number needs have grown with it.

We know that the need for additional mental health professionals will increase as our population ages and as we work more closely with individuals who have mental illness.” 

As a result, the association has focused on expanding its services to address its members’ needs, such as working with people with mental illness. 

“The association is committed to the principle of providing high quality, effective, and compassionate mental health services for all who come into contact with the profession,” the statement says.

“This is an important, but challenging, task.”

The APTA has also started to address the lack of occupational therapies in the private sector.

In July, the organization released a report that concluded that, over time, private providers have become less effective in addressing mental health needs of their clients, but that there are still enough skilled and licensed professionals to meet the needs of the working and middle class. 

According to the APTAs report, there are now about 3,400 licensed occupational therapists in the U.S. with an average age of about 50. 

The APTA hopes that the growth in occupational therapy will lead to more people receiving it.

The organization hopes that, in time, people who have lost a job or have a disability will seek occupational therapy to help them recover from their injury or illness.

In addition to the increase in occupational therapists, the Association of Occupation Therapist Certification (AOTC) is also working on expanding their role in providing the services needed.

AOTC is an association that certifies occupational therapists and has more than 30,000 certified therapists working across the country.

The APTAC is a nonprofit group of licensed occupational therapy therapists.

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