How to choose a tertiary occupational therapist

As the number of tertiary students attending tertiary schools increases, employers need to consider what skills they will need to teach their students in order to meet the increased demand for occupational therapists.

According to the latest data from the Australian Institute of Occupational Therapists, the median occupational therapist salary in 2015 was $80,600, with an average annual salary of $85,700.

The median total earnings of a tertian is $83,800, with the average annual earnings of $94,600.

However, many of these occupations are in high demand, with a median salary of around $115,000, and an average hourly wage of $25.60.

The top occupations for tertian occupational therapists are dentists, dentistry, general dentistry and occupational therapist.

There are currently 761,848 occupational therapists working in Australia, and around 10 per cent of all occupational therapists in Australia work in a tertial setting.

The median income of a full-time tertian, or occupational therapist working in a single occupation, is $73,000.

Occupational therapists are paid around 30 per cent more than other workers in the same industry, and are also more likely to be aged 45-64.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, a tertia is the smallest employer group for tertians, with less than 10 per year of full- time employment, with about 8,700 employed.

There is a significant increase in employment between 40 and 49 years of age, with 25 per cent and 32 per cent, respectively, of workers aged 40-49 working in occupations related to occupational therapy, in 2015.

While there is an increase in the number and average age of occupational therapists, the proportion of people working in tertiary settings is also increasing.

In 2015, 6 per cent (3,734) of occupational therapist workers were aged 40 to 49, compared to 6 per the previous year.

The tertia and occupational therapists’ salaries can be an important indicator of the quality of training, as the majority of occupational therapy positions require at least a bachelor’s degree.

However it is also important to remember that the pay of a therapist does not include any benefits that can be provided through a degree, such as sick leave, disability, paid holiday and pension.

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