How to get a new pair of jeans in a day: The Southside Occupational Academy

The South Side Occupational Education Academy has been a staple of local life for more than two decades.

Every Monday night, students from the Southside community come together to share and learn about their experiences.

The academy’s founders, Tim and Nancy Cusick, opened the program in 1995.

The school now has more than 150 students, many of whom have been at the academy for a decade.

The students come from a wide variety of backgrounds, ranging from elementary school to college.

The students have to learn to become “supervisors,” meaning they have to become highly skilled workers, which can include running factories, welding, and even running a grocery store.

The academy also hosts workshops on how to start a business and how to take care of children, all while working on the farm.

Tim Cusic is a mechanical engineer by training and now the head of the school’s operations.

He told Ars that he is a lifelong farmer who started the school in the 1970s because he wanted to work in an area with a large population of migrant workers.

“It was really hard,” he said.

“We had some kids that were out of school and had no clue what they were doing.

We had to learn all of that on the job.”

The academy is located in a small, former railroad shed, about a mile away from the school.

The shed houses a trailer where the school has a kitchen and living room for its student-teacher ratio.

There is also a room where the students will work on the land during the week, and a workshop room that houses a projector and a computer.

The farm and barn are the farm’s main buildings.

There are also classrooms for the kids, and an indoor playground, with a wooden bridge and a wooden table for the students to sit on.

Cusic said the school is always busy.

The day before the first class starts, about 50 kids from around the area come to the school to take the first steps.

It is an amazing time to be a student at the South Side Academy, he said, as the school strives to help students become “real” workers.

When students arrive, the school will give them a certificate in which they can take a test about everything from the skills they learned to the jobs they will have to do to be good at their jobs.

“They have to be smart about how they work,” Cusik said.

The curriculum is geared toward the Northside, and Cusico said the South is where the most jobs in the community are.

They also offer a more traditional agricultural curriculum, with the focus on growing crops.

Cucumber is one of the crops grown in the South.

The crop is a favorite among South Side residents because it can be grown in one-gallon buckets and has no pesticides, which makes it cheaper than other crops.

Cucumber also produces a lot of water and nitrogen.

Cusics said that if the students can get good grades in the agricultural curriculum as well as the technical one, they could find a job.

The Southside is also home to a number of farms, including a bakery and a meatpacking plant, and some students earn money working on farms or in the meatpacking industry.

There are also farms for animals and animals for sale, including calves.

Cisics said the farm business is a great way for students to learn about animals, and to learn how to run a business.

He said he is happy that the students have such a passion for animal welfare.

“I have a lot more respect for animals than I do people who are working in the fields,” he explained.

“The kids love animals and they love the animals in this town.

That’s why they come to us.”

The South Side also has a thriving wine industry.

Custis said that students at the school can be good producers, but they will need to be prepared for a big winery when they graduate.

Custis explained that the school tries to help graduates with their work in the vineyard.

“When they go to wineries they have a great experience.

They get to experience what it’s like to win,” he told Ars.

“They have a sense of ownership in what they’re doing.”

The Cucumbers also produce a lot that Cucic said is very important to the South, such as fruits and vegetables.

The South is also one of Cusicks favorite places to shop for food.

“It’s just an incredible, beautiful, rural area,” he admitted.

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