Occupational therapy equipment costs $3.7 million to install, $2 million to repair

A total of $3,728,908.50 was spent by the Ministry of Civil Aviation and the Israel Occupational Health Authority on installation and repair of a total of 1,906 occupational therapy devices, including the following: 865 electrical outlets, 718 power sockets, 682 telephone booths, 593 power cords, 466 computer monitors, and 946 medical equipment.

The Israel Occupation Authority is responsible for all of the costs associated with the equipment.

The agency is responsible both for the installation and maintenance of the equipment and the operation of the site, as well as the administrative and security of the facility.

The Ministry of civil aviation is responsible to ensure the safe and efficient operation of Air Traffic Control, and to ensure that all air traffic operations in the country are conducted safely.

The Ministry of Occupational Therapy is responsible and in charge of all the operational aspects of the occupational therapy program, including all equipment and training, as required by the occupational therapist certification system, and for its oversight of all aspects of occupational therapy.

The Occupational Therapist Certification system, which is based on the Occupational Rehabilitation Certification Program, is the only certification system in the world that provides certification for occupational therapists.

The certification system includes a range of standards for occupational therapy, including certification by Occupational Education Institute and the Occupation Therapy Certification Board, which were established in 2009 by the Israeli Ministry of Education.

The ministry is required to publish the results of the certifications, as mandated by law.

The agency also operates a training center in the southern city of Tel Aviv, and is responsible of the implementation of all occupational therapy programs and programs that facilitate the implementation and use of the certification system.

In addition to the cost of the operating expenses, the Occupations Authority has incurred losses in connection with the operation, maintenance, and maintenance, as a result of which it is responsible.

The Agency is responsible in its entirety for the operating and maintenance costs, and the costs incurred by the Occupants Authority in the form of operating losses.

The cost of this project was partially covered by the IDF Strategic Support Fund (ESF), a fund that is administered by the State of Israel.

It provides support for the Occupies’ military and civil needs and provides assistance to the Agency and other agencies and departments.

The project is funded by the ESF, and was financed by the National Infrastructure Investment Fund, a State-owned fund.

The total amount raised by the project was approximately $8 million.

The Occupation Therapist certification program was developed to improve the health of Israeli people and to strengthen the national and international reputation of Israel in the field of occupational rehabilitation.

This certification system ensures the efficient operation and operation of Israel’s occupational rehabilitation program.

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