How to get a job without a college degree

The job market in India has improved recently, with the government having made it mandatory for every citizen to have a university degree.

But many of the jobs available are in the informal sector, which can be difficult for most people to navigate and many have no formal training. 

In order to find jobs in these industries, a growing number of people have been trying out alternative methods to get by.

For instance, one such person was Ankit Kumar, who has worked as a labourer at a tea house in Hyderabad.

He says he has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Delhi University and is looking for a job.

“I am a bit frustrated that I have to go back to my village for jobs.

I am happy to get the job but my family wants me to study a college course for a few years,” he said.

He now works as a cleaner at a local hotel and says his family has offered him a job in Hyderabadi, the city in south India where he grew up.

The job is an unusual one in that he does not have any formal training, but he is trying his best to meet the requirements of the new policy.

“The government has not given any details on the details of my work.

But I want to work hard and be part of the solution,” he told NDTV.

He has been trying to apply for jobs in various places but he says he will not be able to find any until the government makes it mandatory to get one’s university degree, a decision that will be made on January 1.

The government also announced plans to expand the training programme for those in the formal sector, including the construction industry.

The move will help ease the burden on people in the country’s informal economy, which is estimated to account for about two-thirds of the countrys GDP.

But the government says that it is not the only reason for this change.

The fact that the government has also made the government jobless, says Kumar, is also the reason behind the increase in the number of jobs available.

“Many people were going to work in the construction sector, but they didn’t have the necessary skills and did not have the right skills to work,” he added.

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