How to stop a fire in your house

I recently spent a night at my husband’s house in a town outside London.

We had been living in the same apartment for two years, and the previous tenants had been evicted to make way for a new building, and they had left the walls down.

We were all sitting on a mattress, watching the television, when suddenly the fire alarm went off.

My husband looked up to see a red smoke rising from the front of the building, so he went into the living room and started yelling at the flames to stop.

They were still burning, but they were no longer coming out.

He yelled for help, and I grabbed my two children and ran into the kitchen, where the flames were already starting to get too close.

I grabbed the fire extinguisher, grabbed the kids, and put them in the car.

As I was driving away, I spotted my husband lying in the doorway, and my son holding a bucket of water.

The fire was in the kitchen.

I rushed him out, but he was in such a bad way, he could barely breathe.

I ran back to my room, and then to the living-room, where I was just about to call for help when my phone rang.

A neighbour was talking to her husband in a panic, and she called the police.

We arrived at the scene in less than 20 minutes, and after a few minutes of questioning the neighbour and the officer, I realised we had to go back to the fire brigade and ask them to put out the fire.

I was glad to get the fire under control.

My house had not been evacuated because it was in a poor condition, but my husband had not lived there for five years.

So we were given a new apartment in a very good part of town.

But when the fire had been put out, the next day we had the same issue: the neighbours told me it was still burning inside.

It had become so bad that I had to take my two kids to the hospital.

It took about 10 days before we got the building back into a good state of repair.

In the meantime, we had a new fire alarm, and a new sprinkler system.

In fact, I was so grateful to the firefighters who put the fire out that the first time I went out to look at the fire, they came up and told me that the fire was out.

But the fire department in London is now asking for help from the public, and some local councils are offering up their spare homes.

But there are still a lot of places where people are afraid to get rid of their belongings because of fear of fires.

What you need to know about: the importance of keeping your home safe

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