Employer-funded occupational therapy helps employees find new jobs

By Katie BowermanAn occupational therapy clinic at an Indianapolis hospital has helped some of its employees find work, after being denied a job at a nearby company.

Employers in Indiana have been told that they can’t hire employees with health issues, even if they have no other plans to help them, because they are too busy.

The problem, which has affected workers at a number of Indianapolis hospitals, is that the state’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) does not have the authority to require employers to provide a specific plan to help employees get their jobs.

The Indiana Public Employees Association (IPEA) filed a lawsuit against the state on Monday in an attempt to stop it from blocking the clinics from accepting new patients.

In the lawsuit, the group says that employers have been prevented from hiring health-related workers because the state is in the midst of a “health crisis” that is causing them to struggle financially.

According to the group, many health care providers in Indiana are not able to pay the bills and the state has been cutting funding for the Medicaid program, which covers people with disabilities.

More than half of the state lives in poverty, and unemployment has reached nearly 10 percent.

The state has also been struggling to keep its healthcare system functioning, as the federal government has cut funding.

Many of those workers, who are now unemployed, are being forced to stay home because they cannot find work.

They are often unable to pay for their rent and utility bills.

The lawsuit claims that the health problems, as well as the fact that they have limited education, leave the people without the means to take care of themselves.

OSHA is the state agency that enforces federal safety and health laws, and OSHA spokesman Mark Stauber told the Indianapolis Star that it has been informed that Indiana has not been granted the authority under OSHA rules to require specific plans.

He said that the agency was trying to get the states to grant OSHA authority to use its power to impose rules on the states.OSHA was granted authority in 2000 to mandate plans that can be used by employers to help workers who have health problems.

But the agency has not had authority to enforce its policies on businesses, and the courts have rejected that authority.

The current lawsuit seeks to stop the state from forcing businesses to comply with OSHA regulations.

Stauber said that companies would have to comply, and that the plaintiffs are asking the court to declare that OSHA has the authority.

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