How to diagnose the flu: What to look for, symptoms, treatment

San Francisco, Calif.

— There is no way to know whether the flu is spreading, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is reminding people to take extra precautions.

On Wednesday, the agency announced a new set of guidelines for those who are experiencing flu symptoms.

The guidelines advise people not to drink alcohol, drive, or use mobile phones while sick, and to avoid contact with anyone who has influenza.

They also recommend that people with seasonal flu symptoms wear masks and cover their mouths and noses to keep from breathing.

The CDC also said people should not smoke cigarettes, and avoid any type of alcohol, including beer, wine, and distilled spirits.

And it is encouraging people to avoid using air mattresses, blankets, and pillows, even if they are covered in sweat.

The agency said anyone experiencing symptoms of flu should contact their healthcare provider immediately.

The CDC advises that people who have a cold should call a healthcare provider, and anyone with fever should seek medical attention.

The new guidelines are part of a broader effort to reduce the spread of the flu.

Last month, the CDC issued a warning for people to stay home and limit contact with family and friends.

It warned that the virus can cause serious side effects such as pneumonia, meningitis, and encephalitis, which can cause death.

More: CDC: How to prevent the flu and other common illnesses

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