‘Cavemen’ to build ‘world’s largest’ house in Australia

Posted March 18, 2019 06:07:57A caveman family from Queensland have created a house of the future that is bigger than most houses, and they hope to make it one of Australia’s largest.

Key points:The house is made up of two rooms in a cave, with a large outdoor patio for diningThe family says the “treatments” of the house were “inappropriate” and “unusual”The family has already built two other cave houses and is planning more.

The family from a remote Aboriginal community of Mangere have set up a house that is a world’s first in its design and is the size of two football fields.

They are the first to build a house in a remote area of Queensland, and the house is one of several they hope will eventually be built around the country.

The cave house was built in the Mangeret area of South West Queensland.

The couple, who have not been named, have spent three years designing the home.

“We thought about the caves and the landscape and what’s natural and what isn’t, and we thought about what is feasible and what can we do with what we have,” said Ms Karmichael.

“Then, from there we just worked out how we could actually make it happen.”

The house has a huge outdoor patio with a garden.

“It’s a huge thing, it’s a real cave house,” said Karmillett.

“You don’t get that in the middle of the day.

It’s a natural cave.”

And, so, we put a big outdoor patio and a lot of different things in there.

“That’s why it’s the biggest cave house in the world.”‘

I thought we’d never get it’Building a cave house is a difficult project.

“But we got it done and it’s great,” she said.

“I think it was very, very different to what we’re used to.”

So, we’re very happy.

“Ms Karmilett said the family was able to design the house to be in the most suitable location for the family.”

This is a small village, and so, it was a lot harder to get the house built than we thought,” she added.”

Our traditional ways of living are very different from what we do in Australia.

“The family say the “treatment” of their cave house, which was inappropriate and “inappropriate” was “uncommon” and is what led to them deciding to build the house.”

They’re not a cavemen,” said Mr Karmellett.

The Caveman family are the latest in a growing line of Aboriginal cave house designs.”

These are a very young group, and there’s been a lot more people who’ve done this, but we’ve also got to take care of our land,” Ms Karmslett said.

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