How to find the right job in LA?

The LA Times’ LA Business Insider has some advice on the best jobs in LA.

You can hire an intern.

The Los Angeles Times has an internship program for interns.

Work in a tech company.

There are several opportunities for young people to work in tech.

Google has a mentorship program for young entrepreneurs.

Job openings for teachers.

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck says that a new class of recruits is needed to train officers in the department.

This year’s school year, LA Public Schools announced that they would increase the number of charter schools in the city by 5,000.

Coca-Cola is working on a program for teachers to take on extra responsibilities to prepare them for a new year.

A new job for an Uber driver.

Teachers in Chicago are taking on extra teaching duties to prepare their students for a change in the industry.

Employees of a tech startup are finding new jobs in the Chicago area.

California is considering making it easier for companies to terminate their employees after just one year.

California is also considering making permanent changes to its temporary worker programs.

Business Insider has a roundup of the best and worst places to live in the United States.

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