How to get your occupational therapy career started

What is occupational therapy?

Occupational therapy is a specialized medical specialty that focuses on helping people who have disabilities, such as arthritis or cancer, get better by providing cognitive and behavioral therapy to them.

It focuses on a person’s goals, and then helps them achieve them.

For instance, a patient who has chronic pain might receive a massage to get the pain under control, while a patient with a neurological condition might receive cognitive behavioral therapy that teaches him or her how to communicate with others.

What is the difference between occupational therapy and occupational therapy abbreviators?

Occupation therapy abbreviator is a common term for occupational therapy professionals who specialize in occupational therapy.

An occupational therapy physician is a doctor who practices occupational therapy in addition to other medical practices.

An occupation therapist is a person who has a specialty in occupational therapies, such a nurse practitioner, or psychologist.

Occupational therapist abbreviators work at the medical, psychological, or social level and are not usually physicians.

Occupation therapists are trained to help people with disabilities, but they also do some other kinds of occupational therapy for people who don’t have any physical or mental impairments.

Some occupational therapists also specialize in behavioral therapy.