How to diagnose, treat and prevent respiratory issues in the workplace

With the advent of the Occupational Therapeutic Environment (OTE) in the 1970s, the American workplace became one of the first places to look for respiratory problems.

As the U.S. population grew, the Occupatory Health Department (OHD) was founded to provide a better understanding of respiratory issues and to better monitor and address them.

The OHD was one of many organizations that helped shape the workplace into the modern workplace.

Today, the OHD works to protect and promote the health of the workforce and the environment.

This article examines the Occupation Therapeutics (OT) program and the benefits of OTE for workers in the U: The Occupational Therapy Prerequisites, which provides a detailed overview of the program.

Read more about Occupation Therapy Prerequisite: OSU.

OSU Occupational Medicine students and students of the OTE program have access to the following resources: OSUs online textbooks, OSU online videos, and OSU textbooks, and access to OTE training resources.

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