Microsoft is hiring an additional 200 employees as it prepares to move to an ‘inclusive’ workplace

Microsoft is moving to an inclusive workplace as part of a corporate effort to diversify and better align with the workplace, the company said Wednesday.

The announcement comes after the tech giant announced that it will be hiring an extra 200 people at its San Francisco headquarters, bringing the number of employees at the company’s sprawling campus to more than 1,000.

The hiring spree comes as the company prepares to make significant investments in its office space, which has long been plagued by leaks and complaints from workers.

The move is expected to take place over the next three years, and comes as Microsoft plans to build out a new building and install new sensors and lighting in the building. 

Microsoft’s new campus at the Mission District will be the company s biggest and most open in years.

The company is also looking to improve the office environment with a plan to install a new suite of digital technologies at the building that would streamline the workflow, according to a company blog post. 

“Our new space will provide us with the flexibility and opportunities to develop the products and services we need to succeed in the future, while also providing an opportunity for our team to work more closely together,” Microsoft wrote in the blog post titled “We’re hiring more people to work with Microsoft.” 

“We know we can improve working conditions for our employees in this building.

We are making significant investments to make the new space more comfortable, safe and welcoming,” the company added. 

A number of Microsoft employees are expected to be moved into the new workspace in the coming months, according the blog. 

The hiring spree is part of Microsoft s broader effort to make itself more accessible and welcoming to workers, as the tech company seeks to expand its business and become more relevant in the global economy.

Microsoft has been under scrutiny for years for hiring too few people, which is seen as a major reason for the companys sluggish growth. 

However, the latest move is a step in the right direction.

The tech company has recently begun a campaign called #BeOpen and is making efforts to help employees find new jobs.