Which is better: Occupational Therapy or Rehabilitation?

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The Occupational Therapist is an occupational therapy program which helps people with disabilities live independently and self-sufficiently.

It’s the first profession which is recognised as having a “clinical mission” by the United States government.

Its website describes it as a “medical rehabilitation program for people with mental illnesses”.

It’s also an educational program for teachers.

The profession has been around for over 100 years and has been the basis for a number of film, television and other forms of popular culture.

There are many occupations that offer a variety of skills and professions, and the occupational therapist is no exception.

There is an Occupational Doctorate in Occupational therapy, a Master of Occupational Science in Occupation therapy, and a Doctor of Occupation Psychology in Occupations.

The Occupational therapist is an occupation which provides people with a broad range of skills, from occupational health to personal injury protection, and provides an occupational therapist with a variety and depth of experience in different areas of occupational therapy.

Occupational therapists have been around since at least the 19th century and are among the oldest profession in the US, with many of the oldest and most respected occupational therapists being the ones from the late 1800s to the 1960s.

What is Occupational treatment?

The concept of occupational therapists has its origins in the medical profession.

Occupation therapists were a part of the early medical treatment for diseases and injuries, such as tuberculosis and syphilis.

When they first began, occupational therapists were primarily concerned with helping people with physical ailments, but they later gained popularity in other areas.

According to the Occupational Physician Association, there are now over 12,000 occupational therapy programs in the United Kingdom, more than anywhere else in the world.

Occupational therapists help people to achieve independence and self determination, while also providing a range of health services, such in home care, and support for other occupational therapy professionals.

An occupational therapist has the job of providing support and advice to people with psychological disabilities and mental health problems.

They also help people with social difficulties.

The person who is working in an occupational therapists role is the occupational therapy specialist, or OT.

They’re often called occupational therapists, occupational health therapists or occupational therapists.

The occupational therapist works with people with occupational disorders to help them achieve a variety or full range of goals.

There are many different types of occupational therapies, but the most common occupational therapy is called occupational therapy, or occupational health therapy, which is mainly about helping people who have a mental illness or physical disability live independently.

However, occupational therapy can also be a form of medical rehabilitation, and some occupational therapists specialize in treating diseases or injuries, and others specialize in providing a broad spectrum of other services.

How do I get an occupational treatment?

An occupational therapist can be trained in a range and depth and are often supervised by a trained occupational therapist, who also works with a doctor.

They can also work on their own, as a volunteer.

In some cases, occupational therapist will have to attend a course.

There’s a wide range of training options available, but there are also accredited programs which offer some training for some people, and those programs may not have as many courses as the mainstream programs.

A number of different types and depth types of programs exist, but for the most part, the occupational therapists are the ones who provide services that are based on the interests of the people with the disability.

Most occupational therapists work in a clinic, which means that they work in someone’s home, and sometimes they may have to spend some time with the people who are in their home.

It is important to note that most occupational therapists also work with a number for whom a diagnosis or history of a particular condition has led to the person having a mental health condition.

Some occupations have a higher rate of occupational disorders than others.

For example, occupational rehabilitation is a particular type of occupational health practice which helps to prevent or treat a variety.

It can also help to prevent injuries.

Occupant therapy programs often work in different settings, such a rehabilitation center, a community center or even a hotel or motel.

If you are a young person, you may want to consider getting an occupational diagnosis and rehabilitation education or training.

There can be a range on how much time you need to spend with your occupational therapist to learn about occupational therapy and the type of training they can offer.

You may also want to get a medical diagnosis before you consider getting a medical treatment.

Some people are diagnosed with a mental condition before their occupational therapist starts working, and this can cause problems.

If you think you may have a physical disorder, and you think your occupational therapy has helped you feel better, it may be worth taking a medical assessment to ensure that your occupational therapists diagnosis is accurate.

Is occupational therapy useful?