How to sign up for a maximum occupancy sign at the Bay Health Occupational Health Network

Posted August 15, 2018 07:24:22 In the Bay area, you may want to take a look at the new sign on the way to the hospital.

It’s a minimum occupancy sign that can be used for workers who want to stay at the hospital for at least three days in order to be assigned a bed.

The sign is part of a pilot project that was started in February and was funded by a grant from the Bay Area Regional Health Authority.

The project will last until the end of 2019.

It will allow workers to stay for as long as they want to.

The Bay Health Network, which includes hospitals in San Francisco and San Jose, will be participating in the pilot program.

This will allow the public to sign-up for the new maximum occupancy signs as well.

The goal of the pilot is to provide workers with a place to stay during the winter months and get the help they need to keep their patients safe during the summer.

For now, workers will be able to sign in at their own convenience.

They can still call the Bay Community Health Center at 415-742-0099 for more information.

The nurses at the nursing home have also signed up to sign the sign.

The minimum occupancy signs will be placed at the entrances of the Bay and San Francisco Medical Centers.

They will have a large green sign with the words “maximum occupancy.”

It will also have a yellow and red lettering that says “maximum access” underneath.

The lettering will say “maximum” when the sign is installed.

The Bay Health Nursing Home will be one of four Bay Health hospitals participating in this pilot project.

The other two are at the San Francisco General Hospital and the Bay Medical Center.

The third one is at the Santa Clara Valley Hospital.

The fourth one is the Bay Regional Health Center in San Jose.

The workers are eligible for a six-week period of time to sign into the maximum occupancy system.

The pilot is expected to last until mid-December.

It’ll be up to the BayHealth Network to decide if it wants to keep the sign up and operate the program after that.

The pilot is one of several initiatives being implemented in San Mateo County to improve patient safety.

The city and county are also working on a program to improve worker safety, as well as improving the health of patients and workers. 

“There is a lot of good work going on in the county and across the state,” said Lisa Dallesandro, a spokesperson for the Bay health agency.

“There are many nurses who are working on this, who are seeing positive results.

They are seeing nurses get better and feel safe.

There is a great need for these signs.” 

The program is also aimed at increasing the number of nurses at each of the six Bay Health nursing homes.

They’ve been trying to expand their nurse staffing in order for them to keep up with a growing number of patients.

Bay Health has two hospitals, the San Carlos Nursing Home in San Carlos and the Mission Hospital in San Lorenzo.