Occupational medicine for the sick and disabled

In January 2016, the Australian Government introduced a national occupational health and safety framework for workplaces and health professionals, with the aim of helping to minimise the impact of occupational hazards.

The framework was aimed at making sure workplace safety was a top priority, and that occupational health issues are managed effectively.

To do that, the government worked with the National Occupational Health Association (NOHA) to develop the framework.

The NOHA has since become a key part of the government’s efforts to promote occupational health in Australia.

But the framework has also been used to make sure that occupational and occupational health professionals have access to appropriate information, advice and support.

What’s new in 2016?

The framework has undergone a major change in 2016.

The new regulations allow for greater flexibility in how occupational health practitioners can communicate with one another, which has led to some new opportunities for collaboration and communication.

This means that occupational healthcare practitioners have the opportunity to share their knowledge with the public, including providing a platform for those with mental health or physical health concerns.

The Framework has also introduced a number of new opportunities to promote more inclusive, safe and sustainable workplaces.

These include: introducing workplace safety as the number one priority, so that occupational Health professionals have the information they need to ensure the health and wellbeing of their colleagues and clients, and ensure that they have the support and resources to deal with any occupational health issue.

The Government has also provided the NOHA with a new toolkit for occupational health, with additional training opportunities for occupational healthcare professionals.

These new tools will allow for occupational therapists to better communicate with their colleagues, and to provide advice and guidance to their clients.

The National Occupation Health Association also launched a new initiative, the National Employer Health Initiative (NEHI), in June 2017, which will give more information to employers about occupational health.

This initiative will allow employers to share information about workplace health issues with their workforce, including with the NOHAs National Health Team, which is designed to provide training and support for occupational therapy professionals.

What can occupational health do for my business?

Occupational health professionals can be key members of a team to ensure that occupational hazards are avoided and health and welfare of their clients and colleagues are protected.

The role of occupational health professional is to support and guide the business to the best possible outcome.

What should I do if I have a workplace hazard?

In some cases, occupational health could help resolve a problem.

This is particularly true for issues of safety such as air travel, where occupational health may be needed to ensure safe and legal operations.

But if you are working in a small or medium-sized business, you should contact your employer to see what additional support they can provide.

In some instances, the risk of an occupational health problem is not so obvious, and you may want to ask your employer for further information.

If your employer cannot provide information or advice, it may be a good idea to find a different occupational health practitioner to assist you.

You can also report any workplace hazards to the Occupational Safety and Health Authority (OSHA).

The OSHA is a national voluntary organisation that manages workplace safety and health for employers, employers and employees.

OSHA’s main role is to investigate occupational hazards and provide advice on how to manage them.

The OSHSA website can help you with finding a new occupational health provider.

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