How to get the best of both worlds at the Minnesota Occupational Health & Safety Department occupation sensor

It’s been a while since the last state Occupational Safety & Health Administration Occupational Therapist has seen its salary hike.

But the Minnesota State Occupational Therapy Council is hoping the $1.6 million bump will pay off in the future.

The $1 million is a new grant for the state Occupation Therapist Program and was approved by the Legislature last year.

The grant, which covers more than 400 occupations, is designed to support the development of innovative programs and services, according to a press release from the Minnesota Department of Occupational & Health.

The program is designed for practitioners in each of the state’s occupation classes to provide a one-stop-shop for occupational safety, health and well-being.

According to the release, the Occupational Counseling Program will support counseling, crisis intervention and social support services.

The Minnesota Occupation Counseling Programs are staffed by experienced Occupationalists who provide peer support and support to individuals seeking assistance.

The Occupational Services Program will provide services to residents, caregivers, and employers, including occupational wellness and occupational education, occupational therapy and occupational health services.

The program also will provide a 24-hour access to a phone line for persons in crisis, including individuals who have lost their job, who are unemployed, or have a disability.

The Occupational Insurance Program will be expanded to cover all qualified employees and their dependents who receive insurance coverage from an employer.

The State Occupation Health Program will work to strengthen the health and safety of Minnesota’s workforce by providing occupational therapists with career guidance, career education, training, and job placement.

The department also will increase funding for research and technology to improve the safety of employees and the community.

For more information about the program, visit the department’s website:

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