How do you keep your child’s asthma under control?

The RTE is reporting that a paediatric occupational therapist working with children in the south of Ireland has been caught out in a child’s breathing problem after an asthma attack.

A report by the Irish Air Ambulance Service (IAS) says the occupational therapist, who is from Galway, was using an inhaler to mask his coughing and sneezing, as well as taking medication to manage his condition.

The inhaler, known as a “Bomber”, is a device that uses air to help people inhale deeply and quickly, with the pressure exerted by the air pressure pushing air through the lungs to the back of the throat.

It has been used for decades in many countries to treat asthma, but is still being used in many rural areas in Ireland.

The IAS has been alerted to the problem and has contacted the Gardaí in the Republic, who are investigating.

The inhaler is currently in use by the occupational therapists in the Galway area, and the RTE understands that the occupational therapy is now under investigation by gardaí.

The device has a range of settings including the kitchen, office, school, cinema, gym, and in many cases, private homes.

The Occupational Therapy profession in Ireland is currently limited to people who have a full time job.

It is not yet known how many children the occupational therapeutic therapist worked with, but the occupational health team in Galway is currently investigating the matter.

In the meantime, the Occupational Therapist will continue to use his or her own inhaler and medication, and his or she will continue working with the children in Galwell and the surrounding area.

The IAS report has not yet been made public.

Source: RTE

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