More than 1,500 people could lose their homes if the floodwaters recede

A massive flood has left more than 1.5 million people without homes and forced more than 800,000 people from their homes, forcing some people to return to the streets, according to the state.

The state Department of Emergency Management announced Monday that it will issue flood warnings until Friday, and warned of significant flooding and dangerous flash flooding across the state and northern parts of Pennsylvania.

The floodwaters have reached some of the deepest parts of the Pennsylvanian state and forced the evacuation of at least one home, according the state Department for Emergency Management.

In Pittsburgh, about 100 homes were swept away.

The National Weather Service issued a flash flood watch in the region.


Tom Corbett called it the worst flood emergency the state has seen in decades.

The Harrisburg area was also hit hard, with some houses being swept away in the city of Harrisburg, the state’s fourth-largest city.

Corbett said at a news conference Monday morning that the damage to Harrisburg homes was “significant” and he urged residents to return.

The city’s mayor said his city will need at least $2.5 billion in repairs.

Pennsylvania has been hit by several flooding events this year.

On July 7, the National Weather Network reported an accumulation of more than 9 inches of rain in the state, more than double the previous record of 3.9 inches.

The river receded into Lake Erie at a depth of 10 feet, but continued to rise in parts of southwestern Pennsylvania.

It also dropped more than 20 feet in the western Allegheny region.

This week, Pennsylvania’s governor declared a state of emergency over the flooding, with the National Guard deployed to the region and emergency officials working to secure critical infrastructure.

“We are facing an unprecedented threat to Pennsylvania, but we are taking every precaution and working to prepare the state for the worst,” Corbett, a Republican, said in a statement Monday.

The flood risk is higher now than ever, but I will not allow the flood risk to deter us from working together to save our lives.”

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