Occupational health worker dies from cancer-causing drug in UK

SANFORD, England – An occupational health worker in the UK who took a powerful and long-lasting dose of a deadly prescription drug has died from the disease.

The worker, a nurse, was working at the Staffordshire County Hospital in Staffordshire when she developed the rare form of the rare cancer called non-Hodgkin lymphoma, a spokesman for the county hospital said.

“The patient died of non-traumatic brain injury due to COVID-19 and COVID related brain damage, not COVID as the coroner ruled,” the spokesman said.

“The worker was working in a private practice at the time of her death.”

This is the first death of this kind in the country, and we have no other information to share.

“The NHS said the nurse, from Stroud, was being treated in the emergency department.”

Staff were devastated to hear about this tragic death.””

She had an extensive background in health care, and her carer is our colleague.”

Staff were devastated to hear about this tragic death.

“The hospital said the worker was a graduate of the Royal Veterinary College and was a keen nurse.