“They’re Not the Same” – Trump supporters, the alt-right, and the death of the American Dream

“The alt-left and the media have been on the attack since Election Day.

They’ve attacked our country with lies, false narratives, and phony attacks.

But what’s worse is that now they’re using the #MAGA movement to spread their hate and bigotry.”

— Joe Scarborough, MSNBC contributor, December 16, 2017The alt right has been a growing and influential force in the American left since the 2016 election, and it is no coincidence that it is a movement that has emerged as a counterweight to the left.

A group of white nationalists and other white supremacists descended upon Charlottesville, Virginia, in August, led by Richard Spencer, a self-described “historical racist” who is the head of the white nationalist website National Policy Institute.

The alt right’s political goals include maintaining a white ethno-state in the United States, a return to an earlier era in which white Americans ruled over all races and ethnic groups, and a rejection of “political correctness” and “political multiculturalism.”

Spencer has claimed that the United Nations has “started a race war,” and he has been known to make inflammatory and racist statements.

In his speech at the University of Virginia, Spencer stated, “All white people are racist, all black people are rapists, all Muslims are terrorists.”

He also called for the murder of all non-whites and called for an “all out war on the Islamic state.”

The alt white movement, or alt right, has grown from a loose confederation of white nationalist and alt right websites to a loose coalition of many online platforms and social media outlets, including 4chan, which has become a major platform for alt white supremacists.

In the past year, the movement has made significant gains on social media, where the alt white community has grown and thrived.

The mainstream media has taken a dim view of the alt right as well, with outlets like the New York Times, CNN, and MSNBC distancing themselves from Spencer, and other mainstream outlets including The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal distancing from the movement.

The media has also shown a willingness to embrace and embrace the alt left, particularly when it comes to its focus on the alt whites and the alt rich.

Spenner has been accused of having a racist and antisemitic agenda, and of inciting violence.

The White House, the mainstream media, and some prominent members of the Democratic Party have condemned his appearance at the rally and of his support for the alt gold movement, which was led by a man named David Duke.

On Saturday, the Trump administration officially condemned Spencer, calling his actions “deeply troubling” and said that he has “shown a pattern of inciting racial division and hatred.”

“As a white nationalist, Spencer has shown a clear preference for white nationalism over other ideologies and views,” the statement read.

The statement added, “Spencher is no longer welcome in the White House and the White HOUSE is strongly considering all appropriate actions to prevent his presence from impacting our national security.”

In recent days, the president has been less vocal about the alt wing.

In a tweet on Tuesday, he said that “people are angry” and that “nobody likes white people,” a comment that drew a swift rebuke from many on the left, including MSNBC host Joe Scarborough.

The president has also repeatedly suggested that the alt righters are just a “bunch of losers.”

On Wednesday, the WhiteHouse released a statement in which the president said, “I don’t like the term ‘alt right’ to describe those who support the alt movements, including Richard Spencer.”

The president has since clarified his comments, saying, “No, I don’t have any problem with the alt.


I think they’re great.

But I also think we need to look at the broader picture.”

The statement read, “We need to recognize that the movement is more than just one fringe group.

It is a diverse coalition of individuals, who share a belief in free speech, a rejection for the political correctness of the left and right, and an embrace of a white ethnostate.”

It is not yet clear if Trump will formally condemn Spencer.

On Wednesday, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said, “”The president does not support any group or individual who engages in hateful rhetoric.

We will do everything we can to hold accountable those who espouse hate speech.

“On Tuesday, Spencer’s supporters responded to the news with a video on YouTube titled, “This is what a White Nationalist looks like.

#MAGAS” It featured clips of him speaking at a rally in which he called for a white “ethno-republic,” saying that “the alt-lite is the white race.

“In a second video, Spencer is seen saying, “[A]nd it is very much a race problem.

“Trump and his supporters have continued to use the phrase “alt right” as a synonym for the movement, but many critics and some supporters