A Florida occupational therapist who was fired after claiming that he could help patients with a cancer diagnosis was fired for not reporting the case to the state occupational licensing board

FLORIDA — An occupational therapist in Florida was fired from his job after he allegedly told patients that he was able to diagnose cancer with “simple and direct” treatments.

In his email, Dr. Anthony Gorman claimed that he told patients of cancer that he would “put you through a simple and direct course of chemotherapy and radiation, and that it will cure you.”

Dr. Gorman allegedly sent the email to more than 200 patients, but was fired in March after he was charged with two counts of filing false occupational certification applications and one count of filing a false occupational license.

In July, Florida state Rep. Andrew Loh said that the Florida Board of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons had filed a complaint against Dr. Gordan for filing false documents and for failing to properly register as a medical doctor.

Dr. Loh’s office declined to comment on the matter.

The Florida Occupational Therapist Association said in a statement that the Board of Occupational Licensing is aware of Dr. Lohan’s actions and the state Osteopath Association is aware that his office has been contacted by the Florida Osteopathy Board.

The statement continued: “We appreciate the professionalism and integrity of all occupational therapists, and look forward to a resolution to this matter.

We hope that all Florida Occupants and Osteopedias will do their part to protect the health and safety of their clients and residents.”