How to file a petition to vacate Occupational Health and Safety Center

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating whether a new Occupational Protective Equipment (OPE) system at the Parkview Occupational Medical Center in Lakewood is working as designed, according to a letter obtained by the Associated Press.

The agency said in the letter to the Lakewood City Council that it would conduct a “deteriorating review” of the system’s safety and the “proper and appropriate use” of its devices.

The Occupation Safety and Wellness Program has about 3,000 employees at Parkview, according a statement from the agency.

The city has been working to expand the program in recent years and now has about 1,500.

A city-commissioned report said the new system was failing to prevent injuries and illnesses, and it was unsafe for people who were working or on the job to use.

The new system, approved by the city in 2015, has been in place since June, and officials said it has reduced injuries and hospitalizations, but there were some complaints about some medical equipment not being functioning properly.

The inspection letter said the City Council’s investigation will continue.

The City Council is scheduled to consider a resolution in October.