Occupational nurse jobs are on the rise

The Occupational Nurses Association is warning of a health crisis as people turn to nursing jobs to cover their bills.

The union says nursing has become an increasingly attractive profession and it is calling for the Government to set out what is the “right health risk” for people in nursing jobs.

The report says the average nursing home carer costs about $3,400 a year, while people with postgraduate qualifications can expect to earn $3.25 per hour, or about $40,000 a year.

It says that the average person in nursing is more likely to be older and less likely to have a high school diploma, while some people in the industry are living in poverty.

“This is a very important problem that needs urgent attention, and we need to work with employers to understand the health risks of nursing work,” said Jill Smith, the union’s secretary.

She says there are concerns about people being able to access insurance while they are working in nursing homes.

Dr Smith says the industry is experiencing a major health crisis and is now at risk of losing its ability to pay for care.

There are fears that the increasing number of people joining the industry will force people to leave their homes, potentially driving up the cost of care.

“There is a growing demand for care in nursing,” she said.

If you have a problem that’s not being dealt with in a timely way, we can help,” she added.

Nursing home owners are being told to monitor their carers for potential risks.

Some states have introduced strict regulations to ensure the safety of their residents, but Dr Smith says that in Australia there are many loopholes that allow carers to go into work without getting their work permit.

Under the current laws, people can only be licensed in a limited number of states and territories.

This means some carers are able to work anywhere in the country, and are often able to stay in their home states without obtaining a work permit and getting a licence.

In the past, some carer groups have said they were encouraged to stay on the job after receiving a licence, but that has not been the case for many.

But the Association has criticised the Government for failing to properly regulate the industry, and for not acting to reduce the cost and risk posed by the industry.

Ms Smith said the government must take action to ensure nurses are able get a work licence, to reduce costs and risk to patients.

Mr Smith said many people would leave the industry without being properly registered, and many others would be unable to get a job.

He said he was concerned about the issue of people being “left with nowhere to go” and said it was also important for the State Government to take action.

Read more about nursing and health in Australia here: National Health Councils health guidelines for nursing jobs: http://www.nhs.gov.au/health/guidelines/guideline-nursing.pdf#nhs_guid_id=73828 Nurses are not the only people getting sick in Australia, and the National Health Council has published guidelines to help them understand how to get back to work.

These include:1.

Make sure your family is well taken care of, and don’t be late for appointments.2.

Take care of yourself and your family, but don’t drink alcohol or take prescription medication.3.

Take regular exercise, even if you feel exhausted, and make sure you have the right clothes and equipment.4.

Don’t forget your prescription medication, and stay hydrated.

A national helpline can be found at 1800 023 787, or visit the National National Health and Medical Centre at http://nationalhealthandmedicalcentre.nhms.gov

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