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How to file a petition to vacate Occupational Health and Safety Center

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating whether a new Occupational Protective Equipment (OPE) system at the Parkview Occupational Medical Center in Lakewood is working as designed, according to a letter obtained by the Associated Press.The agency said...

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Why employees have more than double the rate of respiratory illness than workers in the highest paid occupations

Workers in the health care and retail industries have the highest rates of respiratory infections compared to the rest of the workforce, according to a new study published in Occupational Health & Safety.Researchers at Columbia University, the University of...

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How to prevent an accident at the park: a guide to workplace safety

The best advice to prevent a workplace accident is always to keep everyone safe.This article lists the best ways to protect yourself, your co-workers, your partner and your family when a workplace tragedy strikes.Occupational therapist: What you need to...

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