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When the sun shines, Wisconsin is hotter than ever before

Now Playing: Trump says ‘very serious’ threat to the US economy posed by climate change, warns of ‘catastrophic impact’ on economy article Now Play: Trump to host GOP lawmakers in D.C. next week Now Playing!Trump’s Cabinet members are already...

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Medical school applicants who have not applied but may be eligible for licensure: ‘The only thing that is missing’

St. Paul, Minn.— A new study of medical school applicants from all 50 states found a lot of those who had applied for medical school but failed were not eligible to apply for licensures.The new study by researchers at...

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Occupational Therapy Degree Required for Workers at the World Trade Center site

Occupational therapy is a broad term used to describe an occupational health program that involves training and counseling the health care professional to help workers with mental health and physical health issues, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).Students enrolled in...

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